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Welcome to our global conversation about animals and their people. We connect AnimalHero® friends and AnimalHero® Kids across six continents. We inspire and educate children and adults to be kind stewards.

Everyone has a story

Walking your dog on cold winter nights. Forgiving your cat who wakes you at 3 AM chasing shadows through the house.

This is our story

In 2005 in India, three girls who helped homeless animals asked Laurel to help them encourage people to care. Laurel promised she would start an organization called AnimalHero to connect AnimalHero Kids around the world.

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Be An AnimalHero®

Have you taken in a stray? Adopted from a shelter? Helped an animal in need? If so, you are an AnimalHero®.

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We celebrate Animals, Health, the Environment and Humanitarianism.
We're talking about Loving Life With Animals™. Together we've done amazing things since our blog began in 2010. Onward and upward!

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The Story of Shanti (4:51)
AnimalHero® Productions

Happy ending for a tiny puppy Laurel found dying under the hot Indian sun. An unexpected adopter opens his heart. Produced by AnimalHero®: Interviews by Laurel Herman. Narration by Dave Crawley. Music by Nancy Gailbraith.

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The Dogs of India (10:38)
Emmy Nominated | WQED-TV (PBS)

Nominated / WQED-TV (PBS) AnimalHero® interviews with people who go to unimaginable lengths for street dogs. Riveting footage directed by Laurel in India. TV feature produced by Dave Crawley. Music by Nancy Galbraith.

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Interview: Flying Lily (5:58)

Laurel flew the street dog she rescued, Lily, who was again in harms way, across India to Dr. Chinny Krishna. Years later Dr. Krishna visited Laurel in the US. Interview speaks of how Dr. Krishna, against the odds, fights for animal welfare. A revered AnimalHero®across Asia.

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Animal Hero Kids page

AnimalHero® and AnimalHero® Kids were established in 2005 when Laurel visited India. She met three young girls who took extraordinary measures to care for animals. They asked her to help spread the word that kindness to animals is important. Laurel promised the girls she would start an organization to connect and celebrate children and adults worldwide that help animals.

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Dave's Books

Dave Crawley

Official AnimalHero® Pet Laureate TV Reporter Children's Author
David's Bio

Dog Poems

Features whimsical poems Dave Crawley. We love man's (and woman's) best friend. Illustrations by Tamara Petrosino. Hardback. Published by Boyds Mills Press.

Cat Poems

Features fabulously feline poems. Laurel's former stray LuckyTiger is Dave's co-author! Illustrations by Tamara Petrosino. Hardback. Published by Boyds Mills Press.